An Entertainment that has it all – Temporary tattoos, Balloons, party games and magic show. All designed for children between  4 and 8 years. Our activities are inspired by classic games such as pass the parcel, treasure hunt, mingling with the newest
educational activities recommended by educators.


  The first half of the party is full of crazy games and we also   include props, to make them visually exciting and unlike anything you have seen before! 


       After the food break it is time for our hilarious 30 – 40 minute kids magic show. But before the magic begins...

Crazy Caramel will need the help of our little wizards to  create all the wonderful spells! So that the children must first take

  the wizard’s oath, which is sure to create lots of giggles!


Party type: Magic & Games

Themed: No

Food break?: Yes (halfway)

Party length: 2h / 3h / 4h

Set up time: 30 mins

Set down time: 30 mins

Fancy dress based?: No

Suit ages: 4 - 8 year olds

Max. attendance: 30 kids


Once undertaken, our wizard’s apprentices are now ready for action and we’ve got lots of cool magic!

Party Highlights:

 Super-cool bubble machine! 

1 Brilliant, lively children’s entertainer/magician. 

Fun & Exciting 

party games.

Written booking confirmation.

Balloon modelling.



Magic Show




Stress-free party guarantee.

1h30min Party - £ 180
2h Party - £ 220
3h Party - £ 270

Investing in  your kids Happiness:

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2h30min Party - £ 240
Magic &

Prices for zones inside M25 and up to 25 children.

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